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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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      86 20 82557380

      TEL : +86 20 82557383
      FAX : +86 20 82557382
      E-mail : service@daer-novel.com
      Service Q Q : 2056152496
      Address:No. 15, Nanxiang 3Rd., Sci. City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

      Technical Team


      ? Daer technical team for all relevant professional bachelor degree or above, including 5 doctoral students, 8 graduate students, a number of technical team members as core members of the project or the main completion of a number of participants at the national level, the Guangdong provincial and Guangzhou Municipal research projects research work, as well as the main drafters of a number of national industry standards. A number of scientific research projects successfully produced and practical application, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.