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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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      GuangDong Daer Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.


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      86 20 82557380

      TEL : +86 20 82557383
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      E-mail : service@daer-novel.com
      Service Q Q : 2056152496
      Address:No. 15, Nanxiang 3Rd., Sci. City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

      Guangdong Party Secretary and Governor concerned Daer2016-09-28

      Hu Chunhua(The Communist Party Secretary of Guangdong province), Zhu Xiaodan(The Governor of Guangdong province), Wen Guohui(The Mayor of Guangzhou)and Ge Changwei (The Party Secretary of Qingyuan) visited Daer on 22 June 2016. They are very concerned about Daer’s products and development. Hu Chunhua s...